About Us

What is Center of Natural Care? 
  A family business; started on 2012 by natural soap making. The project has been extended and re-modulated to involve more natural products from all around the world under one roof and to open a new complete centre specialized in natural and organic (personal care products, skincare products, cosmetics, and natural accessories) for all family members in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
This unique shop was officially opened on 15-08-2016. 
What makes us special? 
We strongly believed that natural beauty is the best! And we do care about you and about the environment, we make extensive search to bring the best products from all over the World. Each product was reviewed carefully to ensure its safety and effectiveness. So, you can shop in our center free-minded as we are taking special care for your health and beauty. We ensure that all of the products under our roof are free from harmful ingredients such as; formaldehyde, paraben, sulphates and petrochemicals (just few examples of the bad chemicals!). Until now, we have brought more than 30 amazing brands (most of them entered Saudi Arabia for the first time via our channel), and we are proud to distribute some special brands exclusively in Saudi Arabia.